Organize blog posts & perform bulk actions

This article is all about managing and organizing your blog posts, and performing bulk actions.

In order to start managing your blog posts, click on  Blog Posts on the left menu. 

To filter and sort blog posts, use the top search bar and the  Filters button.

You can toggle the  View button to show the categories and tags under each post on the list.

To edit a blog post, click on the Edit button on the right, the post-editing page will be opened in a new window tab.

To move any blog post to the top of the homepage, check the Pin to top checkbox.

To hide any post from appearing on the homepage, check the Hide on homepage checkbox.

Bulk Action

To perform actions on multiple posts quickly, select the post you want to include by clicking on the switch under the post's image, or you can select all the blog posts on the page by clicking on the big switch on the top of the blog post's list. 

Click on the dropdown Actions menu to choose the action you want to perform.

List of Bulk Actions:
  • Publish selected blog posts 
  • Unpublish selected blog posts
  • Signup to view
  • Anyone can view
  • Add categories
  • Change categories
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Show publisher's bio
  • Hide publisher's bio
  • Delete selected blog posts

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