Invite a team member

Postquicker allows you to form your team and allocate specific permissions to each team member. To invite a team member:

1- Go to the PQ admin.

2- Choose Team members from the left menu.

3- Click Invite team member from the top.

4-On the invitation Pop up:

 -Enter a valid email in the Email field. - Write a message to your team member(optional)in the message box.

-You can choose from the predefined roles.

E.g., By choosing the  Guest Blogger role, the team member will be able to Add new content and Publish owned content only.

-You can always customize your own permissions.

-When ready, click Send invitation.

 5- When you send the invitation to your team member, it will be pending untill he/she accepts the invitation. 

6- After the team member accepts the invitation, you will receive a notification email, and he/she will appear as a team member on your members' list.

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