Connect a domain name

Connecting your domain name such as  www.yourdomain.com to PostQuicker means that if someone types your domain name in their browser, it directs them to your PostQuicker blog.

First, you need to add your domain in your PostQuicker account:

  1. From your PQ admin, go to Settings > Domains.
  2. Click on Add a new domain.
  3. Enter your custom domain.
  4. Click Add domain.

The next step is to point your domain name to Postquicker servers, go to your domain registrar and edit the DNS settings of your domain name.

1- Add an A record pointing to PostQuicker's IP address

2- Add a WWW CNAME pointing to sites.postquicker.com 

Note: You can't have more than one A record associated with your primary domain. If you already have one, you need to edit it instead of adding a new A record. The same with the WWW CNAME, if you already have one, you need to edit it instead of adding a new CNAME.

Since the exact instructions vary from one domain name provider to the other, you should look for instructions on how to edit the DNS with your domain name provider. Here are some instruction links for some of the popular services:

Please note that while updating the A record usually takes effect in a few minutes, sometimes it could take much longer depending on your domain name host. 

Our system will check if your domain name has started to point towards our servers. If the DNS status shows "Failed", it means that the domain name has not yet started pointing to PostQuicker servers.

Tip: To check your A record and CNAME (where your site is currently pointing), you can use WhatsMyDNS.net.

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