Search and Embed Youtube videos

The Postquicker Youtube video curation tool allows you to search and embed videos from Youtube directly into your blog. 

To embed videos, you can search by keyword,  Youtube channel, or playlist.

To search youtube by keywords, start typing a keyword in the search box, then click the search button.

Use the filters to narrow your video results.

Embedding videos

1- Select the videos you want to embed.

2- You can watch a video by clicking on the video’s image. 

3- Edit title, description, and tags on the fly.

4- Select at least one category for each video.

 From the top bar, you can select all videos, select a category to be applied to all the selected videos and create a new category. (See the image below)

 If you want to create a new category, click “Create new category”, write the name of the category and click “Add”. The new category will be applied to all the videos on the page.

 If not sure you want to publish a video, you check “Save as unpublished” to keep it as a draft.

 When you are ready, click the “Import videos” button and wait untill the importing process is complete.

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