Add menu items

You can add menu items to your website menus to build your website's navigation. Menu items are links to categories, webpages, blog posts, pages, policies, or other websites. You can also remove or edit menu items.

In most cases, you need to create an item before you can link to it. For example, you need to create a category before you can add it to a menu.

You can add menu items to link to:

  • homepage
  • category
  • all categories page
  • pages in your website
  • external websites


  1. From your PQ admin, go to Online Site > Navigation.
  2. On the Navigation page, click the title of the menu that you want to edit.
  3. Click Add menu item.
  4. Enter a name for the menu item. This name displays in the menu.
  5. Click the Link field, and then select a link type or enter a website address for an external website:
    • Homepage - your website's homepage
    • Category - a specific category on your website
    • All categories -  a page that lists all featured categories
    • Pages - a webpage on your website
    • Web address -  a link to an external website
    • None(for parent items) - unclickable, use this if you want the item to be a parent of sub-menu
  6. If you selected a category, a secondary dropdown menu with a list of all categories will be displayed, choose a category from the list.
  7. If you selected a page, a secondary dropdown menu with a list of all pages will be displayed, choose a page from the list.
  8. if you select a web address, a second input field will be displayed, enter the link to the external website.
  9. Click Apply Changes.
  10. Click Save. 

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